What Kids Are Reading 2024

Discover what and how over 1.2m primary and secondary students from across the UK and Ireland are reading

Our commitment to education in the UK and Ireland

We support schools and school groups across the UK and Ireland.

We provide tailored, data-driven solutions aligned to curriculum and national standards. These empower leaders and teachers with insights to enable every student to improve their learning outcomes. We aim to ensure a brighter future for students and teachers by continuously innovating to meet evolving educational needs.

Primary, Secondary and MATs

We proudly support primary and secondary schools and trusts across the UK and Ireland.

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Primary schools

We offer tailored resources to cultivate young minds, igniting a passion for learning and fostering academic success.

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Secondary schools

Our solutions offer tailored support for secondary schools, helping students transition smoothly through their educational journey while meeting curriculum requirements.

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Multi-Academy Trusts

Trusts and other school groups nationwide also benefit from our comprehensive approach, with centralised oversight and support to ensure excellence across member schools.

How we can help

We provide schools and school groups with a clear view of their students every step of the way.


Identify students’ strengths, pinpoint areas of need and measure progress with valid and reliable data.


Accelerate progress and ensure every student builds the skills needed to succeed with targeted, adaptive and dynamic practice.


Improve student outcomes through data-based decision making.

Insights and actions for education

Our interlinked solutions effectively evaluate learning and development, offer instruction and practice driven by insights, and adopt a holistic perspective when making data-informed decisions for the well-being of the student.

Open & connected

We bring teachers, students, and parents together for a collaborative, personalised learning journey. Together, we nurture each student’s potential.


We harness the power of data to drive education forward. We use data insights to tailor learning experiences, ensuring every student’s success.


We place students at the heart of education. We tailor learning experiences to each student’s needs, ensuring their growth and success.


We aim to constantly innovate to enhance learning, ensuring students receive cutting-edge tools and techniques for their academic journey.


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What Kids Are Reading

The annual ‘What Kids Are Reading’ report uses insights from Renaissance Star Reading, Accelerated Reader and myON to form the most comprehensive view of reading habits, enjoyment and achievement across the UK and Ireland.

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Focus Skills™

Available exclusively from Renaissance and based on extensive research into how learning progresses in reading and mathematics from Reception to Year 11, Focus Skills provides a roadmap for mastery by identifying the essential skills for success.

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Success Stories

Discover how Renaissance solutions support schools of all types and students of all abilities from across the UK and Ireland.

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Renaissance Blog

Keep up to date with the latest news, opinions and updates from Renaissance and guest contributors.

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