Star Early Literacy

Star Early Literacy is a computer-adaptive assessment using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to adjust dynamically to each child’s unique responses. The tests can be taken at any time throughout the year and as often as results are required.


You can screen your entire class in as little as 20 minutes to reveal which children need help to reach benchmarks and to group children by proficiency levels.


Meet all your testing needs in one assessment, generating concise reports on pupil progress and to inform planning.

Immediate feedback

Star Early Literacy provides immediate and reliable feedback on the progress of your emerging readers to help you better plan your teaching. Teachers love the speed and ease of use of Star Early Literacy.

Identify difficulties and plan instruction. Identify what skills children are proficient in or excelling at and where intervention may be needed.

Assess early literacy. Accurately and reliably assess 41 skill sets in ten critical literacy domains.

Generate reliable data on every child. Screening and progress-monitoring data that is easy to use to set teaching and practice activities priorities.

Improve parent communications. Parent reports help you explain test results and describe what a child needs for optimal reading progress.


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Star tests for reading, maths and early literacy

Star Assessments can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching.

Star Reading

A computer-adaptive test of 34 items, testing 43 skill areas in four domains.

Star Maths

A computer-adaptive test of 24 items, testing 50 skill areas in ten domains.

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