Star Maths

Renaissance Star Maths is a computer-adaptive assessment using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to adjust dynamically to each child’s unique responses. The tests can be taken at any time throughout the year and as often as results are required.

Valid and reliable

Star Maths incorporates Core Progress™ learning progressions, an empirically validated description of how learning typically advances in maths.


You can screen your entire class in as little as 20 minutes to reveal which children need help to reach benchmarks and to group children by proficiency levels.


Meet all your testing needs in one assessment, generating concise reports on pupil progress and informing planning.

Robust and detailed reports

Use the Star Maths reports generated after each test to identify attainment levels and improve performance.

Take, for example, the Screening report, which identifies and classifies students based on national benchmarks, grouping them into a range of ability levels, from urgent intervention to gifted and talented.


Why Star Maths is quick and accurate

No marking = More teacher time

Unlike paper-based tests, no marking is involved when taking a Star Maths test. The test is administered to students on a computer, and once finished, reports are automatically generated.

Additionally, the reports generated can be tailored to characteristics such as pupil premium, free school meals, or EAL, enabling you to demonstrate the progress made by any of these groups of students.

Accurate and detailed assessment data

Star Maths gives you access to an accurate set of data to inform your teaching and your children’s maths practice, including National Curriculum maths level, Norm-Referenced Standardised Score, Percentile Rank, Most suitable year group Maths Library and Scaled Score.


Star tests for reading, maths and early literacy

Star Assessments can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching.

Star Reading

A computer-adaptive test of 34 items, testing 43 skill areas in four domains.

Star Early Literacy

A computer-adaptive test of 27 items, testing 41 skill areas in ten domains.

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