See the big picture - and the individual stories

Pulling together data from Star Assessments, Accelerated Reader, myON and Freckle, this intuitive data dashboard is a game changer for Multi-Academy Trust and school group leaders.

Gain insights into student and school performance

Gain insights into performance at student, school and school group level for group-wide decision-making.

Monitor school progress across the board

View progress across schools to identify bright spots or those schools needing additional support.

Insights into key data metrics

Track how students across the school group are performing in relation to the most important data metrics.

See all your data, in one place

Renaissance Analytics pulls all the data from across your Trust for Star Assessments, Accelerated Reader, myON and Freckle into a single, easy-to-use platform.

This enables you to understand better how your products are being used across the schools within your Trust or school group, within each school and by specific student groups. Having easy access to this data allows you to make well-informed decisions and implement targeted strategies for improvement.

Gain comprehensive insights into school performance across the group

Access a variety of implementation data in just a few clicks. For example,

Explore your school’s Star Assessment scores, track the cumulative number of Accelerated Reader quizzes completed, and stay updated on myON and Freckle use among students across your Trust or school group.

Data-driven insights for better support

With the data from all your Renaissance products connected, you can make informed decisions about how best to support your students and schools, ensuring targeted improvements are implemented effectively to foster academic success and progress.

“This is going to save me hours – probably about 2 days’ work a term! I like the combination view of seeing data for both reading and maths in the same place.”

“Renaissance Analytics has given us peace of mind as it has shown us the impact already of changes to our reading strategy since the start of the academic year. It’s really useful to see our primary and secondary schools’ data clearly on the same page. The Book Level data is really interesting too, enabling us to see how our students’ reading habits change as they transition from Year 6 to Year 7.”

“Renaissance Analytics is really easy to use, providing a high level of detail. We particularly like the overview it gives us of quizzing on Accelerated Reader across our trust.”

“Renaissance Analytics is just the tool we need – I am so excited about this! What’s reassuring is that this data matches with what we are seeing in other data sets. For example, the platform has flagged the schools for which we already had concerns.”

“This is a really helpful dashboard, particularly for us quality assuring the data that’s coming through to us.”


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