What is myON?

myON is the perfect platform to develop essential literacy skills. It is a cross-curricular teaching and learning tool that helps students acquire the essential reading skills they need to become fluent readers by providing an easy way to ensure these skills are practised in the classroom and then developed further at home.

Develops skills

myON allows students to develop their speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Teachers can guide students through topical texts and assign further reading to boost each student’s understanding of the topic.

myON helps to initiate discussions and reinforce vocabulary.


myON is based on a digital library of over 7,000 high-quality, culturally diverse texts that are tailored to specific age groups and a range of reading abilities.

All students are catered for, regardless of where they are on their reading journey.

24/7 access makes reading accessible for all.

Ready-made activities

Central to myON is a range of teaching and learning activities that help teachers:

Model, clarify, summarise and interrogate texts with their students.

Collaborate together by sharing resources, from basic reading lists to more complex extended projects.

How does myON work?

1. Choose

Students will never run out of great reads with so many exciting titles to choose from! They can pick from personal recommendations, browse by topic or genre, or search by term.

2. Read

As students read on their favourite digital device—online or offline—they can mark up pages, highlight words, listen to audio versions, and interact with the enhanced digital books.

3. Quiz

At the end of each book, students can take a short quiz to check their comprehension, rate the book, write a review, and then go on to find their next fascinating title to read.

4. Analyse

Twelve real-time reports capture student engagement and growth, providing actionable data that helps you ensure each student has the support they need to succeed.

Teach 21st-century skills with myON News

Renaissance myON News, powered by News-O-Matic, provides Key Stage 1-3 students with age-appropriate news articles 52 weeks per year.

Active reading and writing practice

Authentic texts

Students can access up to 7,000 enhanced digital books and listen along with audio support.

Authentic texts


All students can read a library’s worth of books whenever they’d like with unlimited, 24/7 access, low bandwidth, line reading options and enhanced accessibility features.

Unlimited access

Personalised learning

Students who read authentic texts at the correct level enjoy reading more. With myON, they receive personalised reading recommendations at just the right level, which adjusts as they read and grow.

Personalised learning

Learning features

Students can access various reading tools, including a built-in dictionary, highlighters, sticky notes, literacy emojis, graphic organisers and projects.

Homework features

Reading supports and writing tools

myON includes scaffolds for early, emergent and transitional readers, professionally recorded audio, an essay writer, checklists, and peer review features.


myON Projects

With myON projects you can create and assign individual, group or whole class projects, as well as build your own projects, or access projects by other teachersA



myON in action

myON Explained

A Whole World of Reading with myON


Using myON on an iPad

Learn how to use and access the myON app on an iPad

myON iOS app for iPads

Using myON on an Android or Kindle Fire

Learn how to use and access the myON app on an Android tablet or a Kindle Fire device

myON app for other tablet devices

For a secondary school, myON has ticked all of the aims that we had as a school by promoting reading for pleasure and encouraging students to read more non-fiction. For reluctant readers and those who aren’t typically enthusiastic about reading, myON is an amazing tool.

myON projects allowed us to discover texts relating to specific topics and assign them to students for further reading. We’ve even discovered some core texts on myON, including Christmas Carol and Macbeth. With myON on every device, no book looks intimidating.


Resources designed to help deliver meaningful results


myON Brochure

Learn more about myON by downloading the brochure


Whole Class Reading with myON

Whole class reading is a fantastic opportunity to build reading skills and confidence within the classroom. It encourages whole-class discussion and allows students to share ideas, as well as learn from other students around them.

Help students develop a true love for reading

Join the thousands of other teachers seeing a difference in their schools and MATs with myON.