Informing planning and teaching

Learning Progressions are incorporated in Star Assessments. They are a continuum of skills the curriculum requires, arranged into the order they are typically learned.

Built for the national curriculum in collaboration with NFER, Learning Progressions inform planning and teaching through skill-based reports in Star Assessments.

NFER’s research-based work has been empirically validated using assessment data, ensuring the Learning Progressions robustly reflect students’ skill acquisition and educational progression.

Learning Progressions in the new National Curriculum for England

Assessments tell you what your students know, while Core Progress™ Learning Progressions tell you what they are ready to learn next.

They have been built for the new national curriculum in collaboration with NFER, the UK’s leading provider of independent educational evidence.

This document explains NFER’s work to develop Learning Progressions for the new national curriculum and how they have been incorporated into Star Assessments to give unrivalled curriculum-specific feedback on students’ attainment.

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