Equality in Education: Our Strategy

We aim to connect education to children and adults of all ability levels and ethnic and social backgrounds worldwide. To that end, we are committed to producing diverse, inclusive content and free from bias for all learners.

We recognise and challenge inequalities and systematic issues that have historically benefited some whilst challenging others.

To be truly diverse and inclusive, we must ensure that our solutions represent society, that all students can see themselves in the books they read, and that they learn about other cultures, customs, and practices.

Collaborating with smaller and more diverse publishers, revising our quiz guidelines and expanding our library with more inclusive titles are just a few examples of how we aim to support all learners.

Creating a culture where everyone belongs

SEND students

We acknowledge every child’s right to a rich and enjoyable learning experience. Working with various schools across the UK ensures that we are targeting those factors influencing disparities within the education sector.

Renaissance solutions use reliable data to facilitate every student’s learning needs and preferences regardless of their learning styles and abilities.

Schools have used Accelerated Reader and Star Assessments to support students with a range of additional needs, from autistic children to those with severe learning difficulties.

EAL students

Our literacy resources have seen outstanding results among English as an Additional Language (EAL) students. Regular reading, quizzing and assessing allow students to become motivated and challenge their comprehension skills.

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Inclusive quizzing for everyone

We’re supporting all students by diversifying the content available on Accelerated Reader. Renaissance has developed Appropriateness Guidelines that outline a process to ensure our content is fair, appropriate, and free from bias. On an ongoing basis, we add quizzes which contain DEI content featuring characters and themes representing various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the LGBTQ+ community, and disabled people. We hold ourselves accountable for aligning with the publishing industry in this approach.

Have your say!

As part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across our organisation and in our products, we actively encourage and welcome your thoughts on how diversity is currently reflected in AR and what we can do to ensure that it is a truly inclusive tool for learning going forward.

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Diverse titles

We work with smaller, more diverse publishers to add more rounded content on Accelerated Reader to stay true to our mission to accelerate learning for all.

From Leslea Newman to David Olusoga and Gene Luen Yang, our Accelerated Reader booklist hosts a diverse range of titles with which people from all cultures, races and communities can engage. Children can dive into exploring LGBTQ+ relationships, understanding black British culture, learning about disabilities and celebrating Asian traditions.

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