New EPI Reports on ‘Understanding Student Progress with Star Assessments’

Our latest reports (published in March 2024) are a continuation of our research, originally funded by the Department for Education and researched by the Education Policy Institute (EPI).

The purpose of this research is to ensure that policy makers and schools have access to robust data on the performance of different pupil groups, so that support can be targeted effectively to those who need it most as we continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The EPI used data from our Star Reading and Star Maths Assessments for each of the reports, examining the results of pupils in Years 3 to 9 from over six million Star Reading and Star Maths Assessments taken between 2017/18 and 2022/23, with links to the National Pupil Database.

The reports produced are:

  • Understanding student progress with Star Assessments 2022-23 – this report provides benchmarking data to users of Star Reading and Star Maths, allowing them to see how outcomes for their pupils compare to all pupils nationally.
  • Measuring the outcomes of disadvantaged pupils using Star Assessments 2022-23– this report highlights that the results of pupils from low-income backgrounds in both primary and secondary mathematics continue to lag behind where they were before the pandemic began.
  • Measuring the outcomes of different pupil groups using Star Assessments 2022/23 – this report examines how pupils’ outcomes differ by their gender, whether they have special educational needs, whether they have English as a second language, their ethnicity and where in England they live.

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