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Primary schools

Our suite of innovative solutions are specifically designed to help primary schools enhance student learning, reduce teacher workload, and close the gap to ensure every child reaches their full potential.


Our range of solutions is meticulously tailored to assist secondary schools in improving student learning, lessening teacher workloads, and bridging the gap to ensure each student realises their maximum potential.


Discover why over two-thirds of Trusts choose practice and assessment solutions from Renaissance


Bridging the attainment gap

Our innovative tools and resources help bridge the attainment gap and ensure all students reach their full potential

Supporting EAL

Supporting EAL students on their journey towards academic achievement and language proficiency

Reducing teacher workload

Our educational technology tools are designed to streamline and simplify the teaching process, giving teachers more time to engage with their students and personalise practice.

Education solutions


Unlocking the power of literacy for all students


Unlocking the power of numeracy for all


The future of student assessment begins here. As a premier provider of innovative assessment tools for UK schools, we enable leaders and teachers to gauge pupil progress and streamline workload accurately.