Bridging the attainment gap: an urgent necessity

Research has shown that students from disadvantaged backgrounds often face significant barriers to academic achievement. However, with the proper support and personalised learning approaches, we can break down these barriers and empower every student to thrive.

Our solutions offer a comprehensive educational tool suite that revolutionises teaching and learning.  Here’s how our solutions can make a tangible difference in closing the attainment gap:

Differentiated practice

Every student learns at their own pace and has distinct learning needs. Our solutions enable teachers to create personalised learning paths, tailoring practice to individual students.

Targeted interventions

We recognise that some students require additional support to overcome specific challenges—our range of intervention tools is designed to target areas of improvement.

Data-driven decision making

Teachers need reliable insights to make informed decisions. Our robust analytics and reporting tools enable educators and administrators to identify trends, monitor progress, and allocate resources effectively. 

Ensuring fair and just access for all

Our solutions are accessible across various devices to ensure that all students can make progress regardless of their circumstances.

The school without an attainment gap

Springfield Junior School in Ipswich has an incredible track record in attainment for all their 350 pupils, particularly with those disadvantaged children who meet the eligibility criteria for pupil premium funding. 

They won the National Pupil Premium Award for Primary Schools in recognition of their success with disadvantaged pupils. Assistant Headteacher Daniel Jones is an accredited Pupil Premium reviewer for the National College for Teaching and Leadership. Read his quotes below on how Accelerated Reader and Star Reading helped the school in their success.

Our pupils achieve so much because we take a rigorous approach to ensuring that all of them are reading regularly. Accelerated Reader is a key factor in enabling us to track that. It’s clear that we have a reading culture in the school, but the diagnostics we get from Accelerated Reader and Star Reading allow us to show and measure it using clear, comparable data.

Running weekly reports like this means we can also pick up on children who haven’t quizzed recently. We can then find extra opportunities for those children to read. Something that I’ve learnt from my work here and in other schools previously is the importance of ensuring that disadvantaged pupils are reading regularly.

As well as using Accelerated Reader daily, we also regularly administer Star Reading tests with our children. These tests give us an extra layer of information on reading ages and pupil growth, and they provide this data in a manageable way, making it easy to keep track without giving teachers extra work.

A growing family of assessment, teaching, practice, and data insight solutions

Our solutions offer streamlined assessment, personalised learning, and reduced teacher workload.

With products like Accelerated Reader, Renaissance Star Assessments, myON, Freckle, and Nearpod, teachers can quickly identify learning gaps, tailor practice, and engage pupils. Our solutions promote equity and inclusivity, bridging the achievement gap and unlocking student potential.

Star Assessments

Computer-adaptive Star Assessments for reading and maths are used by over 7,000 schools across the UK and Ireland

Star Reading

Star Reading is a complete online assessment of your students’ reading growth. It shows you the skills they have mastered aligned with the National Curriculum.

Star Maths

Star Maths is a complete online assessment of your students’ mathematical skills, testing 50 skill areas in ten domains.

Star Early Literacy

Star Early Literacy allows you to accurately and reliably assess 41 skill sets in ten critical literacy and numeracy domains.

Accelerated Reader

Motivate, monitor, and manage student’s independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a genuine love for reading.


A multimedia, cross-curricular teaching and learning tool that helps students/pupils acquire the essential skills to become fluent readers.


Deliver engaging, differentiated maths practice and reward achievement.


Get real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities — all in a single platform.

Renaissance Consultancy

We offer various services, from single-school data insights to whole-trust support. Our mission is to help you implement and embed Renaissance products with success.

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