What are Star Assessments?

Star Assessments allow you to identify learning gaps, measure each student’s progress, and determine whether they are on track to meet expected standards.

Star Assessments complement Accelerated Reader and myON and provide a personalised learning plan for each student, helping to inform the next teaching steps.


The data and insight you need to inform teaching decisions.


Trust the validity and reliability of Star data, backed by research, validity studies, and millions of data points.


The latest advancements in data analytics and testing provide optimal results in a minimal timeframe.


Statistical linking makes Star highly projective of performance.

How it works

1. Computer-adaptive testing

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive tests, meaning each student’s testing experience is unique.

2. Automatic adjustments

When a student answers a question correctly, Star automatically selects a more difficult question next. When a student answers a question incorrectly, the next question is less difficult.

3. No repetition

The system understands how skills relate to one another—and that a student correctly answering advanced items doesn’t need to be tested separately on the basic component skills. For example, a student who answers complex algebra questions won’t see items testing basic addition skills.

4. Accurate results

By adapting to students and eliminating unnecessary questions, Star can accurately measure student performance and growth with fewer items and less time. Complete results are immediately available for teachers via interactive, easy-to-read reports.

Star tests for reading, maths and early literacy

Star Assessments can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching.

Star Early Literacy

A computer-adaptive test of 27 items, testing 41 skill areas in ten domains.

Star Reading

A computer-adaptive test of 34 items, testing 43 skill areas in four domains.

Star Maths

A computer-adaptive test of 24 items, testing 50 skill areas in ten domains.

Benefits of using Star Assessments


Screen an entire class in just 20 minutes and receive instant results. Star tests are computer-adaptive, meaning no extra marking.

Personalised testing

Each test is personalised and relevant for each individual student. Compare all students on the same scale from Reception to the end of Secondary.

Accurate placement

Know exactly if students are making expected progress and how likely they are to meet Year Group expectations.

Predict SATs results with accuracy

Following the changes to SATs, knowing what to expect regarding national testing has become hard. At Renaissance, we have conducted an extensive research study comparing pupils’ Star scores with their SATs results, ensuring 89% accuracy in Maths, 79% in reading, and 82% in SPaG.

The research was conducted with results from over 12,000 children in over 500 schools.








With Star Assessments, we can categorise our students by who needs one-to-one intervention and those in need of specific or urgent intervention. It is invaluable to have accurate data to assess how these unique demographics are progressing with reading and tangible strategies for intervention to support them.

The instructional planning report in Star Assessments identifies each particular skill that individual pupils or classes are struggling with, and you can now group students and use the report to see what individual skills each pupil has mastered and what they are yet to master.


Star Assessments in action

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