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We understand the challenges primary schools face in the UK and Ireland. From improving literacy and numeracy skills to facilitating personalised learning experiences, our solutions offer a range of benefits catering to primary school pupils’ unique needs.

Accelerated Reader

With an extensive library of books and interactive quizzes, Accelerated Reader offers primary schools the following advantages:

Personalised reading practice: Pupils are matched with books at their appropriate reading level, enabling them to progress at their own pace and build confidence.

Enhanced reading comprehension: By taking quizzes on books they have read, pupils develop critical reading comprehension skills, while teachers gain insights into individual progress and can provide targeted instruction.

Motivation and reward: Accelerated Reader incorporates a motivating reward system that celebrates pupils’ reading achievements, fostering a positive reading culture and encouraging them to set and achieve their reading goals.

Data-driven insights: Teachers and school administrators gain valuable data on pupils’ reading habits, comprehension levels, and progress, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify struggling readers, and evaluate the effectiveness of literacy programs.

Star Assessments

Star Assessments offer primary schools a comprehensive assessment solution that informs teaching, monitors progress, and identifies learning gaps.

Targeted practice: Star Assessments provide accurate data on pupils’ abilities in reading, mathematics, and early literacy, allowing teachers to tailor practice to meet individual needs and provide targeted support.

Curriculum alignment: The assessments align with the UK national curriculum, offering insights into how students progress regarding curriculum expectations and identifying areas for additional support or enrichment.

Progress monitoring: Star Assessments provide frequent and reliable progress monitoring, enabling teachers to track pupils’ progress, identify struggling learners early on, and provide timely intervention and support.

Efficient reporting: The assessment platform offers comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and share with colleagues, parents, and governing bodies. These reports provide insights into pupil performance, growth, and areas for improvement.


myON is a multi-media, cross-curricular teaching and learning tool which helps pupils acquire the essential skills to become fluent readers.

Develops skills: myON allows students to develop their speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Ready-made activities: Central to myON is a range of teaching and learning activities that help teachers to model, clarify, summarise and interrogate texts with their students, as well as collaborate by sharing resources, from essential reading lists to more complex extended projects

Inclusive: myON is based on a digital library of over 7,000 high-quality, culturally diverse texts tailored to specific age groups and a range of reading abilities.


Freckle is an adaptive practice platform that offers personalised learning in mathematics. Its benefits for primary schools include:

Individualised learning paths: Freckle adapts to each student’s skill level and provides practice activities tailored to their needs, ensuring students receive instruction at their appropriate level and can progress at their own pace.

Engaging and interactive lessons: Freckle offers interactive lessons and exciting content that make learning enjoyable. This motivates pupils to participate and deepen their understanding of core subjects actively.

Real-time progress monitoring: Teachers can track pupils’ progress in real-time, identifying strengths and areas of weakness and providing targeted support and intervention where needed.

Comprehensive reporting: Freckle provides detailed reports that give teachers and school administrators valuable insights into student performance, growth, and mastery of skills, enabling data-driven instructional decisions.

Since introducing Freckle, the school has yet to look back. Freckle is easy for staff to use and does most maths practice and assessment for you.

Star Assessments have helped the school to identify the gaps in knowledge for all pupils ahead of the SATs tests.

Accelerated Reader also allows us to identify children who may need additional support with their reading.


A growing family of assessment, teaching, practice, and data insight solutions

Our suite of solutions for primary schools in the UK offers streamlined assessment, personalised learning, and reduced teacher workload. With products like Accelerated Reader, Renaissance Star Assessments, myON, Freckle, and Nearpod, teachers can quickly identify learning gaps, tailor instruction, and engage pupils. Our solutions promote equity and inclusivity, bridging the achievement gap and unlocking student potential.

Star Assessments

Computer-adaptive Star Assessments for reading and maths are used by over 7,000 schools across the UK and Ireland

Star Reading

Star Reading is a complete online assessment of your students’ reading growth. It shows you the skills they have mastered aligned with the National Curriculum.

Star Maths

Star Maths is a complete online assessment of your students’ mathematical skills, testing 50 skill areas in ten domains.

Star Early Literacy

Star Early Literacy allows you to accurately and reliably assess 41 skill sets in ten critical literacy and numeracy domains.

Accelerated Reader

Motivate, monitor, and manage student’s independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a genuine love for reading.


A multimedia, cross-curricular teaching and learning tool that helps students/pupils acquire the essential skills to become fluent readers.


Deliver engaging, differentiated maths practice and reward achievement.


Get real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities — all in a single platform.

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We offer various services, from single-school data insights to whole-trust support. Our mission is to help you implement and embed Renaissance products with success.

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