February 2, 2023

As we begin this new year, we’d like to take time to highlight some of the books we’ve quizzed about adoption and fostering. Adoptees and children in care often have very unique experiences, and these books do a great job of highlighting them. Check out the list below to find titles for all ages and the books’ Accelerated Reader quiz information. 


Our Subway Baby : Mercurio, Peter: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Aven Green Sleuthing Machine by Dusti Bowling
LY | Quiz # 243294 | BL 4.4 | Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Aven Green, who was born without arms but believes that her missing arm cells went to her super-powered brain, uses her sleuthing skills to try to solve two cases at the same time.

Our Subway Baby by Peter Mercurio, illustrated by Leo Espinoza
LY | Quiz # 243307 | BL 3.5 | Dial Books
This gentle and incredibly poignant picture book tells the true story of how one baby found his home.


The Last Fallen Star (Gifted Clans, #1) by Graci Kim | Goodreads  The Unforgettable Logan Foster #1: Amazon.co.uk: Peters, Shawn: 9780063047679: Books

The Last Firefox by Lee Newbery, illustrated by Laura Catalán
MY | Quiz # 243281 | BL 4.6 | Puffin

Charlie finds life a bit scary, and when he’s made guardian of a fox cub, things get scarier. Because Cadno isn’t just any fox: he’s a firefox and a sinister hunter from another world is on his trail.

The Last Fallen Star by Kim Graci
MY | Quiz # 241856 | BL 5.2 | Disney Press 

After thirteen-year-old Hattie Oh tries to cast a dangerous spell so her adopted sister, Riley, will get a share of Hattie’s inherited magic, Riley must undertake a near-impossible quest to save Hattie from death.

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters
MY | Quiz # 241787 | BL 6.1 | Harper
Logan, an undersized twelve-year-old orphan with a photographic memory and no filter, discovers that his foster parents are superheroes in grave danger. Text includes violence and bullying.


Inchtinn: Island of Shadows: Amazon.co.uk: Weston, Danny, Harris, Miranda, Crawford-White, Helen: 9781912979059: Books

Inchtinn: Island of Shadows by Danny Weston
MY+ | Quiz # 242287 | BL 5.7 | UCLan Publishing
When Noah’s mother insists on a trip to a remote Scottish island, hoping to find inspiration for her next book, Noah ends up facing his fears when sinister beings stir.

Know My Place by Eve Ainsworth
MY+ | Quiz # 240709 | BL 3.8 | Barrington Stoke
When Amy is sent to live with a new foster family, she feels like an outsider and believes the placement will break down, as others had. Slowly she realises her new family are patient and kind, but will the ghosts of her past stop her from trusting them?

Needle by Patrice Lawrence
MY+ | Quiz # 242381 | BL 4.1 | Barrington Stoke
When the special blanket Charlene knitted for her little sister is ruined by her foster mum’s son, she flies into a rage and stabs his hand with her knitting needle. Soon she finds herself in a cell and unable to say sorry.


The Rules : Darnton, Tracy: Amazon.co.uk: Books The Sound of Everything by Rebecca Henry | Waterstones 29 Locks : Nicola Garrard: Amazon.co.uk: Books

The Rules by Tracy Darnton
UY | Quiz # 242341 | BL 4.7 | Stripes
When a letter from her dad arrives, Amber knows she’s got to move. He’ll stop at nothing to draw her back into his extreme survivalist way of life. Contains profanity; themes of child abuse, domestic abuse, mental illness, violence and suicide.

The Sound of Everything by Rebecca Henry
UY | Quiz # 242379 | BL 4.7 | Everything With Words

Kadie has just arrived in another foster home and is determined to follow her own rules and keep her secrets. She is tough and prepared for everything except love. Themes include self-harm, bullying and violence.

29 Locks by Nicola Garrard
UY | Quiz # 241042 | BL 4.4 | HopeRoad
Donny is living in foster care when he learns of the canal that leads to back to Hackney. Wanting to see his mum who is due to leave prison, Donny hatches a plan to cross 29 locks to get home. Contains racism, drug abuse and references to gang violence.


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