December 8, 2014

As Christmas approaches, students will be reaching for books to get them in the festive spirit. We have searched through the archives to bring you a collection of books with Accelerated Reader quizzes that will keep your students gripped over the Christmas holidays. We published a similar list last year; together we hope that these collections will inspire your library displays and prompt your students to read topical, engaging books.

Upper Years

Book covers for the Upper Years Christmas Collections

The Messenger (Sharp Shades) by John Townsend

Chris and Angela are caught up in strange events on Christmas Eve. But is Angela who she seems to be?

Ransom | 978-1-78127-204-6 | UY | BL 3.3 | Quiz #227309

Don’t Even Think It by Helen Orme

When Abigail gets a diary for Christmas, she records everything in it – from ghostly noises in the hall, to dramas surrounding her sister Mel. Little does she know, her writings hold the truth of a dark family secret.

Ransom | 978-1-84167-698-2 | UY | BL 4.6 | Quiz #212002

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson

Alex’s family is celebrating Christmas when a father takes his family hostage, but just as this situation is being dealt with, a second situation explodes that puts millions at risk. The plot contains profanity, sexual situations and graphic violence.

Arrow | 978-0-09-957644-0 | UY | BL 5.6 | Quiz #227309

Middle Years

Book covers for the Middle Years Christmas Collections

Toad Surprise by Morris Gleitzman

In this hilarious quest to discover the true meaning of Christmas, Limpy has a dream in which cane toads and humans live happily together. After all, isn’t Christmas a time of peace and goodwill to all men? And cane toads?

Puffin | 978-0-14-132694-8 | MY | BL 4.5 | Quiz #223116

Lost Christmas by David Logan

Eleven-year-old Goose is lost. It’s Christmas, his parents are dead, his dog has gone missing, his Uncle Frank’s wife has walked out on him and his nan is losing her mind. Then he meets a mysterious stranger called Anthony…

Quercus | 978-0-85738-735-6 | MY | BL 4.8 | Quiz #224202

Christmas Stories by Michael Morpurgo

A collection of four stories about Christmas from Michael Morpurgo: The Goose is Getting Fat; The Best of Times; The Best Christmas Present in the World and On Angel Wings.

Egmont Children’s books | 978-1-4052-6549-2 | MY | BL 5.2 | Quiz #225045

The Box of Delights by John Masefield

Kay finds himself involved in a fantastic adventure when he becomes guardian of the mysterious Box of Delights. Companion to The Midnight Folk.

Egmont Children’s books | 978-1-4052-3253-1 | MY | BL 5.9 | Quiz #215781

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis

Aslan, the noble lion, frees Narnia from the spell of the White Witch. Book #2 in the Narnia series.

Collins | 978-0-00-674058-2 | MY | BL 5.7 | Quiz #200009

Lower Years

Book covers for the Lower Years Christmas Collections

Christmas in Exeter Street by Diana Hendry

It’s Christmas Eve, and the house in Exeter Street is full to bursting. There are guests in every nook and cranny. Even the kitchen sink has a baby sleeping in it. Will Father Christmas be able to find them all? Quiz just released!

Walker | 978-1-4063-4303-8 | LY | BL 4.7 | Quiz #226720

Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman

The aliens are excited as tomorrow is Christmas day. So instead of stealing underpants, they’re giving them away! Yes, it’s true! Everyone’s favourite aliens are full of the festive spirit so they are giving away their beloved underpants!

Simon & Schuster | 978-1-84738-570-3 | LY | BL 3.6 | Quiz #218560

Christmas Ballerina (Secret Kingdom) by Rosie Banks

King Merry has planned a special festive show, but elf ballerina Rosalind has gone missing. Without her, the show will be ruined. Quiz available 11 December 2014!

Orchard | 978-1-40832-336-6 | LY | BL 4.8 | Quiz #226594

The Nutcracker by Geraldine McCaughrean

For Christmas, Clara is given beautiful new ballet shoes and a special nutcracker doll. The nutcracker comes alive and turns into a handsome prince. A retelling of the famous story.

Oxford University Press | 978-0-19-272408-3 | LY | BL 3.8 | Quiz #204126

Olivia Claus by Kama Einhorn

Olivia’s favourite things, including Olivia’s stuffed monkey, Mathilda, are disappearing on the night before Christmas and in her efforts to reclaim what has been lost, Olivia learns a lesson about the value of giving. Quiz just released!

Simon & Schuster | 978-1-84738-958-9 | LY | BL 2.5 | Quiz #227486

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