June 29, 2015

Cover of Summer 2015 edition of Renaissance News

As the school year draws to an end, I am pleased to update you with the latest news from Renaissance Learning.

Customers in England will be receiving the Summer 2015 edition of Renaissance News this week. Those in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland will have theirs in time for the start of the new school year.

We passed two significant milestones for Accelerated Reader last month. We had a record number of AR quizzes taken in a single day as part of our Quizzing for Nepal fundraising initiative. Later, we released our 27,000th AR quiz.

Several schools have shared success stories with us in recent weeks. Two particularly successful schools – a primary school in Kent and a secondary school in Merseyside – are featured in this newsletter. You will find many more on our website at renlearn.co.uk/success.

Also on our website is a host of useful resources and a regularly-updated blog: please visit renlearn.co.uk/blog to keep abreast of the latest news.

Download a PDF version of the newsletter to share digitally with your colleagues.

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