March 30, 2016

Getting to grips with school maths assessment

School Maths Assessment Software image and School Maths Analysis Software imageWhile the removal of levels might seem like a lifetime ago, the reality is that the dust has still to truly settle when it comes to finding the best way to manage school maths assessment.

For some, the use of paper-based assessments is proving to be a practical way to support school maths analysis, yet the validity and reliability of these is sometimes brought into question. In contrast to this, many UK schools are finding computer adaptive tools to be a more reliable and efficient method of managing school maths assessment.

The time saving benefits of computer adaptive solutions for school maths analysis are obvious. No marking and the benefit of instant feedback – so no waiting for papers to be sent away and then returned. However, when using a programme such as Star Maths, the benefits for school maths assessment software extend much further.

As an independently validated school maths assessment solution, Star Maths gives teachers and school leaders greater confidence in the data that is being produced. The detailed level of reporting that can be generated with just a click of a button also proves to be a valuable tool when seeking to engage parents, Governors and even pupils with regards to the results of school maths analysis.

The benefit of using Star Maths for school maths assessment is summarised by Fran Navarro, Deputy Headteacher at Drew Primary School, Part of Learning in Harmony Trust: “Star Maths is an excellent programme as it enables us to holistically assess every child’s progress, as opposed to ‘teaching to the test’ or testing memory skills. As a computer-adaptive programme, we don’t know what questions Star Maths will ask the children which means we can’t ‘prepare’ them. Instead, we’re truly assessing their current skills and maths knowledge, allowing us to pinpoint the areas genuinely in need of development.”

Learn more about using Star Maths Assessment Software to support school maths analysis in your school.

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