Star Assessments

Track and monitor progress and achievement with Renaissance Star Reading

Whether used a standalone formative assessment to measure progress or also to provide a Reading Age and ZPD for Accelerated Reader, over 4 million Star Reading tests were taken in the last academic year.

  • Normed to over 6 million test
  • Computer-adaptive and administered in as little as 20 minutes
  • Instant results = no marking
  • Includes Learning Progressions built by NFER to help inform sequencing
  • Indicates KS2 SATs results with a high level of accuracy
  • Detailed reports and MAT Dashboards also available
  • Platinum Assessment Partner of the Confederation of School Trusts

Accelerated Reader

Motivate and encourage reading for pleasure with Renaissance Accelerated Reader

The world’s most popular personalised reading practice tool, Accelerated Reader is already used by over 6,000 schools and more than 1.5 million students in the UK alone.

  • At its heart, Accelerated Reader is simple: Read a book > Take a quiz > Receive instant feedback
  • Over 37,000 books have been quizzed for Accelerated Reader
  • Shown in independent research to improve attitudes towards reading and reading ability
  • Education Endowment Foundation finds “significant improvement” with Accelerated Reader
  • “Pupils who use AR enjoy reading, read frequently and think more positively than their peers who do not use AR” – Dr Christina Clark, National Literacy Trust
  • National Pupil Premium Award winner 2017, Springfield Junior School:“It’s clear that we have a reading culture in the school, but the diagnostics we get from AR and Star Reading allows us to show and measure it using clear, comparable data.”


Support your library with digital books from as little as 55p each per year!*

myON offers every student unlimited access to every book offline and online 24/7, which means no more buying multiple copies, or lost or damaged book costs!

  • Up to 5,600 enhanced digital books with audio support
  • 5 daily age-appropriate articles available from myON News powered by News-o-Matic
  • Build literacy skills with reading scaffolds, writing tools and projects
  • Linked to the curriculum in England and Scotland
  • Links to Star Reading and Accelerated Reader help personalise learning
  • Manor Leas Junior Academy: “myON was only launched 48 hours ago and already we can see the impact – particularly on our boys and disadvantaged pupils. myON is taking our journey to the next level!”

*Price based on British-English core package and US-English additional package. Minimum purchases applies. Price only applies to schools within the UK & Ireland.