Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School, part of the Griffin Schools Trust, is celebrating the success of their enhanced reading and numeracy development strategies, thanks to the implementation of Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader and Star Reading solutions.

“Since introducing Freckle, the school has yet to look back. Freckle is easy for staff to use and does most of the maths practice and assessment for you.”

The school’s leadership team recognised the need for a user-friendly maths practice and assessment programme to support pupils’ learning and development without overloading staff. After careful consideration, they chose Freckle as the obvious choice due to its ease of use and ability to tailor tasks to each pupil’s skills and knowledge. Freckle’s instant feedback and incentives for pupils to customise their avatar in the time-limited shop have revolutionised how students engage with maths practice, making it more accessible and fun. The program has also reduced teacher workload by streamlining the process of setting work for specific learning interventions and providing instant data on pupils’ progress.

“Star Assessments have helped the school to identify the gaps in knowledge for all pupils ahead of the SATs tests.”

The school has also seen great success with Star Maths assessments, which provide real-time progress data to help teachers identify gaps in knowledge and target interventions more closely. With Freckle, teachers better understand where interventions are needed for each pupil, allowing them to demonstrate progress and intervention strategies using data supplemented with practice programmes like Freckle. Maths lead Stuart, a year six teacher, recognises the importance of using data to inform teaching and intervention strategies. With Star Maths and Star Reading, Stuart and his year group partner can analyse data regularly to ensure that every pupil is progressing and receiving the necessary support.

“Freckle has reduced the teacher workload. With Freckle, it is easy to set work for specific learning interventions, and because the data is so instantaneous, teachers can see what is needed next”

The success of Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School’s reading and numeracy development strategies is a testament to the school’s commitment to using innovative ed-tech programmes like Freckle and Star Maths to enhance learning and support pupils’ progress. By leveraging technology to provide real-time data and tailored learning experiences, the school has created a culture of achievement and encouragement that empowers pupils to reach their full potential.

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