November 1, 2023

This month the Content Team wants to shed light on some of the High Interest/Low Level (Hi/Lo) series we’ve been quizzing.

Sometimes it can be hard to find books for readers whose interests and reading levels don’t align. This is where the Hi/Lo titles come into play. These titles contain age appropriate content and topics, but the text is adjusted for a lower reading age.

There are currently more than 3,800 Hi/Lo quizzes on AR, making them a great resource for reluctant and struggling readers.

It’s important to remember that Middle Years Plus (Age 12+) is merely a subcategory of the Middle Years Interest Level (Age 9-13). It was created to indicate that these books contain topics that might not be suitable for primary school students. There are a host of Middle Years books with very low book levels that are suitable for both primary and secondary students.

Check out the list below to see some of our favourite Hi/Lo titles that are on AR.

Little Gems by various authors, currently 27 titles on AR
LY | BL 2.0 – 5.3 | 0.5 -1 points | Barrington Stoke
This series is specifically written to build children’s reading ability and help them get into reading longer texts as well as reading independently. Some of the titles included are The Ghost Cat Who Saved My Life (#243846) and Peggy Little-Legs (#243847), Supernan’s Day Out (Q# 24382) and Sheep School (Q# 243358).

Escape from Planet Alcatraz Express by Michael Dahl, 12 titles on AR
MY | BL 1.7 – 1.9 | 0.5 points | Raintree

With reduced level text and exciting illustrations these titles are written to engross even the most reluctant readers. Some of the titles included are Beyond the Furthest Star (Q# 243943), Attack of the Drones (Q# 243550) and Arena of Monsters (Q# 243948).

Behind the Scenes Biographies by various authors, currently 11 titles on AR  
MY | BL 3.0 – 3.5 | 0.5 points | Raintree

With high-interest details and carefully levelled text, these titles will leave the reader feeling confident and eager to find out more. Some of the titles included are What You Never Knew About Lionel Messi (#244100), What You Never Knew About Taylor Swift (#243798) and What You Never Knew About Dwayne Johnson (#244098). 

Graffix Books by various authors, currently 25 titles available
MY | BL 1.4 – 2 4| all 0.5 points | Maverick Arts Publishing 

These books are written in comic-strip format, aimed at children with different interests. They offer an exciting read and draw readers in with their easy to follow text. Some of the titles included in the series are Counter-Attack! (#244048) and The Lunar Stag (#243910).


Centauri by Dee Phillips, 6 titles on AR
MY+ | BL 2.6 – 2.7 | 0.5 points | Ruby Tuesday Books 
A particular favourite among the Content team, this series tells an exciting YA science-fiction story about a secret project to combine human and and extra-terrestrial DNA. The titles included are The Room (#242577), Shadows (#242578), Grace (#242579), Origins (#242580), Aliix (#242581) and Makers (#242582).


Oxford Bookworms by various authors, currently 5 titles on AR 
UY | BL 2.4 – 5.6 | 0.5 – 1 points | Oxford University Press
These titles offer low-level readers high-interest topics to engage in topics and stories of interest. They comprise of fiction and non-fiction titles such as The Silver Statue (#243504), London (#243510) Sing to Win (#243505) and Stephen Hawking (#243506).


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Happy quizzing!

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