March 2, 2015

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Book covers for World Book Day 2015 books

For the second year running, we are providing schools with fun ‘mini’ Accelerated Reader-style quizzes on this year’s £1 World Book Day books on our public quizzing platform In addition, we are pleased to announce that full quizzes on the World Book Day titles will be available to Accelerated Reader users to take in the normal way*. All of these quizzes will be available from the morning of World Book Day, Thursday 5th March 2015.

The World Book Day quizzes come after two months of quizzing activity on books by the featured authors, which for 2015 include David McKee, Michael Morpurgo, Holly Smale and Marcus Sedgwick. ‘Mini’ quizzes on up to three of their backlist titles have been promoted each week on the site, and will remain live until the end of term. The featured author for World Book Day Ireland, Erika McGann, is featured alongside the UK authors.

The Take the Quiz website has additional content for teachers and students to enjoy. Several of the featured authors have recorded readings from their £1 books, which are available to view online. Also available is a free double-sided poster and year planner featuring key dates of national reading events for your school. Request your copy soon to avoid missing out!

*Please note: due to the limited plot and repetition from previously published material, The Dinosaur That Pooped a Lot! has been deemed unsuitable for quizzing with Accelerated Reader. There will not be a full AR quiz for this book. However, a ‘mini’ quiz will be released for World Book Day at

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