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By Natalie Perera, Chief Executive, Education Policy Institute.

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By Crispin Chatterton, Director of Education, Renaissance.

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Discover the overall findings of our latest report, unveiling insights into student reading habits.

How Kids Are Reading

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Executive Summary

Explore our executive summary for the key findings of this year’s report.

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Implementation Quality and Effectiveness

Learn how engagement and comprehension drive student achievement.

Children and Young People's Reading

Children and Young People's Reading

By Christina Clark (Director of Research) and Irene Picton (Research Manager) at the National Literacy Trust.

Overall Summary

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Overall Summary

Read a summary of this year’s findings and view recommendations.

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About the Report and Data

How the report works.

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View the full What Kids Are Reading 2024 data in a downloadable PDF.

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About the Authors

Keith Topping

Keith Topping is a Professor of Educational and Social Research at the University of Dundee and Professor of Education at RUDN University, Moscow, and conducts research worldwide. He has over 460 published works (books, chapters, peer-reviewed journal papers and distance learning packages), with translations into 19 languages. Before entering higher education, he worked for several local education authorities, social services and health care. Keith’s primary research focus is Peer Learning (including peer tutoring, cooperative learning, and peer assessment) in core skills and across subject boundaries in all sectors and contexts of education/lifelong learning. He also has an interest in computer-aided assessment. Further details are available at



Dr Christina Clark & Irene Picton

Dr Christina Clark is the Director of Research, and Irene Picton is the Research Manager at the National Literacy Trust